Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 62: Kalamazoo MI to Toronto ON

Wednesday, June 17
Kalamazoo MI to Toronto ON
Odometer Begin: 118,439
Miles traveled: 443
Time spent traveling: 7.5 hours
Other: 1 hour in Toronto traffic…fun.
Wx: overcast, foggy, rain, high 60s F
States traveled: MI, ON

We made the trek today with 2 stops for espresso, (chai and then a latte for me). It was all highway travel in heavy rain at times. We crossed the border at Port Huron. There is a seven lane customs there! Quite impressive and a lot of cars. Our border agent was very friendly and asked us for the umpteenth time how we can afford to travel for two months. He actually asked if we were independently wealthy.
I can’t believe how many people ask this question. If I met people who were traveling (before this trip), I would have thought it, but never asked! I’m not offended just surprised. We explained that Brian telecommutes and that we live frugally. Camping and making all our meals really cuts down on the cost of things. We are not fussy so that helps.
We are in Toronto for two nights, cities always cost more, but we are staying at a hostel, (the Clarence Castle) again private rooms cost more but MUCH less than a hotel. So we’ll probably see a show while we are here and get some dinner out but you budget for those city side trips.

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  1. Ah! So that is why I can't reach you on your cell phone. Hope you are having fun in Canada, eh. Call me when you are back in the US. (Did you like Wolverine?)