Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 63: Toronto ON

Thursday, June 18
Toronto ON
Other: We could finally see the whole CN Tower at 5:oo pm when the clouds rose.
Wx: overcast, foggy, rain, high 60s F
States traveled: ON

We walked around the Toronto today, checking out what the city had to offer. If you want to see art or history in this town, it appears that you have to be willing to part with quite a few Yul Brynners. We did catch The Second City: Chicago, Toronto, traveling to your town, you’ve got to see these guys. The Toronto show currently running is 0% Down, 100% Screwed, it was great!
As today is our last real day of the trip, tomorrow we are back into familiar territory and staying with my Mom for a few days, we came up with the following,

You know when you’ve been on the road when:

Someone walks into your locked room at 2:30 in the morning, you say “ah” and you can go back to sleep, waking up in the morning and you either think it was a dream or you don’t really care. With only a 10th of a millimeter of nylon between you and the worst animals in the US and Canada for the past two months, one drunk Canadian doesn’t seem such a threat, eh?

Housekeeping stops by your room while you are taking a nap but you tell them they can come in anyway. Did I mention that Brian sleeps and naps in the nude?

When you take four showers a day just for the hot water…

Ramen, black beans and cheese sticks is a balanced meal, with all two color groups.

You’ll turn over your pepper spray but not your blackened banana to customs. You may never know when that extra potassium may come in handy.

You spray your T-shirt with Fabreeze, let it flap around in the wind in the back of your car for a while before you wear it for the 10th day, just so that it is clean again.


  1. Good choice with the 0 trans fat Ruffles.

  2. Sounds like you guys are on only a slightly more civilized version of the thru-hiker plan :-) I've really enjoyed reading about the trip and seeing the photos! Hope to see you when you get back east!

  3. It's been fun keeping up with the Kuzmerlains, I am not sure what to do with that time I would spend reading your posts and looking at the photos now... Maybe you can start a new blog about an apartment search. :) Glad you are back east safely. See you soon.