Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Days 60 &61: Madison WI to Kalamazoo MI

Monday, June 15
Lakefield MN to Madison WI
Odometer Begin: 117,735
Miles traveled: 404
Time spent traveling: 6.5 hours
Other: We went and saw Wolverine finally!
Wx: mostly sunny, high 70s F
States traveled: MN, WI

Not a lot happening these days. Just driving, it is kind of boring. You know those days where you have no plans and there is not much to do so you just lay on the couch and you would be eating Ben & Jerry’s but you just can’t move yourself from the couch to the freezer? It is kind of like that. We are on interstates now and driving through miles of farm country.

Tuesday, June 16

Madison WI to Kalamazoo MI
Odometer Begin: 118, 139
Miles traveled: 300
Time spent traveling: 5 hours
Other: Paid in tolls; $5.85
Wx: cloudy, high 70s F
States traveled: WI, IL, IN, MI

We are truly back in the east. The tolls have started up again and we are back in the Eastern time zone. Also for no apparent reason Garmina took us off I-90 into a eastern Chicago neighborhood for some sight seeing, it was great… We are ending the day’s travels in Kalamazoo (say that 3 times fast).

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