Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 10: Techie Type Stuff

We are taking a day off. Just going to hang at John's enjoy the sun on the porch, do some laundry and maybe take a nap. So I will use today's post to talk about our car setup. Of course we have the Thule box on the car which most of the camping gear has gone in. In the car we have a Belkin converter to plug our iPods into and play through the radio. And an inverter that turns our rear cigarette lighter outlet into a AC two plug outlet that we then have a surge protector plugged into so we can charge our various battery operated items like, phones, camera, flashlight, motor for the Aero Bed to name a few. And of course Garmina. The only thing we are missing is a wireless account for the netbook, but Brian's Blackberry can do that while we are on the road away from WiFi but getting a cell signal. We could even "bluetooth" the computer through his phone but that is pushing it a little. (Plus he doesn't have that data plan). Keep commenting, we love reading them!

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