Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 2: Concord, NH to Troy, NY

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Today was another easy drive day. We started out the morning with completely repacking the car and jettisoning a few things into Jen and Corey's basement. I have decided I need one more stuff sack for organization. Today's numbers:
odometer: 107,917 miles
tripometer: 117.2 - 259 = 141.8 miles traveled
tavel time: 2 hours 45 minutes
Wx: sunny, lower 60s
price for a HUGE calzone from Da Vinci Pizza in Troy: $6.99

Joining us on the trip is Garmina
From Travels of Kuzmerlain
, our lovely British navagator. We have a Garmin nuvi that Brian had bought for trips to auditions. We have set the voice to British, it just sounds nicer when it is barking directions at you. It is also a female voice, hence the name Garmina. Having a Garmin is a very nice gadget to have, but of course we are still carting around an atlas. For the most part, she is spot on with directions but sometimes gets a little confused for a moment in newly constructed roads or un-GPS'd roads. We hit two small newly built sections of road today which sent Garmina into a mild tizzy where she repeated "Recalculating" over and over (but with that charming British accent) until the satelites caught up. Today, Garmina lead us to Troy for a quick visit with Laurie and Sid, Brian's sister and brother-in-law, Jack and Estelle, our adorable niece and nephew.

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