Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 12: Savannah, GA to Key West, FL

Wednesday, April 29
Savannah, GA to Key West, FL
Odometer Begin: 145,199 (John's Truck)
Miles traveled: 625
Time spent traveling: 12.25 hrs
Other: Cost for high speed internet connection at a Marriott: $12.99
Snagging free WiFi from the neighboring hotel from my terrace: priceless!
Wx: sunny low 80s F:
States traveled through: GA, FL

So we embarked on an slightly over ambitious journey to drive from Savannah, GA to Key West, FL. We arrived in one piece but just barely. John did all of the driving. What a trooper! John is Brian’s long time friend from when Bri lived in Georgia and they had made plans long before our trip came to fruition to spend a few weeks in Florida. The original plan was to ride motorcycles but then I had to come along and ruin the fun!

John travels a lot for his job and essentially “lives” at Marriott hotels so he accrues a ton of points. These points can then be cashed in later on for his personal use, so Savannah, Key West and Key Largo are all living large at Marriott hotels. The rooms they give Platinum members are absurd! Seriously, the “2 bedroom suite” Brian and I are in is nicer than anyplace we ever lived in. (but that is not a hard thing to accomplish)! The drive was grueling but worth the fantastic sunset and the accommodations. I am sure everyone else knows this but the Keys are further south than the Bahamas…which my geographically challenged self just realized. Which means the weather is down right amazing, you know, if you are in to sun and warm breezes and all.

On the way down, we stopped in Brunswick, GA at Brian’s friend Scott’s urging to try out Willie’s Wee Nee Wagon, for a pork chop sandwich.
From Key West
Willie’s dares you to find a better tasting pork chop sandwich in Glynn County. If you do, they will give you $2000! I wonder how one goes about proving that.
From Key West
We tried ‘em, they were good but the best ever?…

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