Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 11: Athens, GA to Savannah, GA

Tuesday, April 28
Athens, GA to Savannah, GA
Odometer Begin: 144,943 (John's truck)
Miles traveled: 247
Time spent traveling: 4.5
Other: How much I love Marriott points? A LOT!
Wx: sunny high 80s F:
States traveled through: GA

Savannah is one of my favorite places in Georgia. We arrived around 3 and dropped our stuff off at the hotel. We used John’s Marriott points so, you know, it’s rough being us. The hotel was on the river, we walked right out the door and were on River St. We then climbed up to the street level and took some photos and hung out under the live oaks. I had to take a photo of the Savannah Cotton Exchange building. I love this building! I really can’t explain why. It is a little run down but is still beautiful.

We then headed back down to River St. to find a place for dinner. We ate dinner on the deck at Tubby’s Tankhouse. Which was easy to get, I think us being in town may have brought the mean age down to 68 years old! The food was decent, nothing amazing but sitting on the deck was quite nice. There were three men busking, singing a capella, and the temps were in the 70s. After dinner we went to get “dessert” at Wet Willies, a self-dubbed, “Savannah Institution”. They serve frozen drinks only. There is a wall of flavor choices of all different colors in blending machines. I had a White Russian and Chocolate Thunder mixed and Bri had a straight up White Russian. Talk about an ice cream head rush! Oh! But the candied pecans at the Savannah’s Candy Kitchen are worth a text message home…I mean worth writing home about.

For our photos from Savannah, click here:


  1. Hi Amy,

    Happy Birthday a day early.

    I just loged on so I'll read your adventures thus far. Enjoy Key West!

    You plant is fine - hi to Brian.


  2. Happy (6 hours early) birthday Charlie! See you in a week (unless swine flu shuts down air travel!)