Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 24: Athens GA to Alpharetta GA

Sunday, May 10
Athens, GA to Alpharetta, GA
Odometer Begin: 109,270 (back with Subie)
Miles traveled: 68
Time spent traveling: 1.50 hours
Other: Odds that the AC would work, now that we need it; 100 to 1... against.
Wx: partly sunny low 80s F:
States traveled through: GA

We did laundry last night and gave Subie a bath inside and out. Because we had been away from the car for a while we had to reload everything. We also discovered that the AC lost it’s charge while the car was sitting in John’s garage. We have a leak in the line somewhere. Today on my run, I ran a dirt county route right near John’s house. It was the quintessential Georgia red dirt road. I can’t say it was the best cardiovascular run ever because I kept stopping to check out the flowers. I even went back to take photos, so here they are.
GA flowers

Our original plan was to head west today but we skipped over to Alpharetta for the evening to spend time with Pat, Melissa, Quinn and Murphy, whom we hadn't seen yet.

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