Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 41: St. Helena CA to Crescent City CA

Wednesday, May 27
St. Helena CA to Crescent City CA
Odometer Begin: 113,
Miles traveled:
Time spent traveling: 6 hours
Other: Cost of driving through a Redwood; $5 (we didn’t do this tourist trap though)
Wx: sunny high 80s then 70s F.
States traveled: CA

We bid farewell to Napa today and headed up to Crescent City; to see some Redwoods and visit my friend (from back in the camp days!) Christy, her husband Stephen and their son Ian. The drive took us up Routes 1 and 101, it was gorgeous! Past vineyards, along the ocean and then through Redwood groves, it is a pretty good drive.
After a yummy dinner of lasagna, we went for a walk along the ocean, where we could hear the sea lions but they were too far away to see.

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