Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 40: Napa Valley CA

Tuesday, May 26
Napa Valley
Odometer Begin: 113, 659
Miles traveled: 55
Time spent traveling: 6 hours
Other: Year of the Paris wine tasting that marked California as a serious wine creator: 1976 (also the year Amy was born…good year)
Wx: sunny high 90s F.
States traveled: CA
We slept in today! It was sooooooo nice, no barking dogs and even the birds seemed to sleep in! Today we started out at Artesa, we had more than one friend recommend them to us’ so we had to go. We have never seen their wines before but they had a very nice Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and a blend they call Element which I really liked. One of wine tasting peeps behind the bar, there is probably some fancy French name for what they are, lets just say bartender (oh sacre bleu!), recommended a newer winery called Miner Family Vinyards and gave us VIP cards for a free tasting (free…that’s good). It also is on the Silverado Trail which is less developed than the main Napa strip. We met some lovely people from outside of LA there who gave us their card for recommendations on places to visit in southern Cal., which was very nice! Today was the day for nice people the folks a few campsites down from us are from British Columbia and have offered to give us tips on where we should visit while there. Our last winery was Chateau Montelena. This winery starred in the movie Bottle Shock with Alan Rickman. The movie is a more fictional retelling of how California was first recognized as a serious contender in the wine world. The Chateau Montelena won the Chardonnay division in that 1976 tasting. We had some today and it is wonderful. Here are wine country photos.
cali wine country

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