Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 33: Sedona AZ to North Rim AZ

Sunday, May 19
Sedona, AZ to North Rim, AZ
Odometer Begin: 112,094
Miles traveled: 257
Time spent traveling: 4 hours
Other: Cost of a killer campsite: $0.
Wx: partly sunny low 80s F
States traveled: AZ
We were up before 6 am this morning! But we did go to bed at 8 pm too. Because Arizona does not celebrate day-light-savings the sun sets here at 7:30. We went to Sedona in search of a cafĂ© with internet access. It took more effort than we expected but we found one and I was able to download Verizon’s Access manager so now I can use Brian’s blackberry as a modem, like he does on his computer. So we are fully teched up now.
We reached the Grand Canyon’s North Rim today at 12:30. The road only opened 4 days ago and they are in full swing! The campground is full and the lodge seemed to be pretty hopping as well. Upon walking to the visitor center, we saw a Condor sitting in a tree preening itself. It was number A7. You can see the numbers they were given as part of their reintroduction program. Because of the mass of people, we just hiked along the rim for a while and then drove out FS 611. It is a Forest Service road on the Kaibab National Forest. We found out about it at Frommer’s .com. It leads out to the east side of the rim and has free dispersed camping. We found a great site!
Grand Canyon

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