Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 39: Alameda to San Francisco to St Helena CA

Monday, May 25
Alameda CA to San Francisco CA to St. Helena CA
Odometer Begin: 113, 512
Miles traveled: We’ve been tasting wine; who cares?
Time spent traveling: 3 hours
Other: Price of decent wine at Trader Joe’s; $3.99 (Purple Moon)
Wx: foggy and cool then sunny high 80s F.
States traveled: CA

Another great day. We set out in the morning for San Francisco, after hitting up the local Trader Joe‘s, we love this place!. The city was fogged in and cold this morning. We tooled around Golden Gate Park, (Wow! The Eucalyptus trees!) stuck our hands in the Pacific, saw Haight/Ashbury and of course drove over the Golden Gate bridge (north bound traffic, no toll…nice). It was so foggy that while on the bridge you could barely see the top. We also had a few glimpses of Alcatraz.
We went back into wine country stopping at a few places we commonly buy in New Hampshire. Ravenswood in Sonoma; their Zinfandel is one of my favorites. Their vineyards are gorgeous and we drove out among them for a while in the non-pretentious landscape. It was then back to the Napa Valley to visit Folie a Deux, the makers of Menage a Trois, (red, another favorite). They are now owned by the Trinchero family who also own Sutter Home, Napa Cellars and quite a few others. They also have a comparatively inexpensive wine tasting at $5 and very laid back atmosphere.
We are spending the next two nights at Bothe- Napa Valley State Park which has some beautiful trails to run. Tomorrow it is off to Cakebread Cellars and Artesa.


  1. If only I could afford northern California! Your lunch is shameful, by the way. Shamelessly decadent. Beautiful. I'd stay if I were you.

  2. Trader Joe's made the lunch possible.