Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 44: Diamond Lake OR to Portland OR

Saturday, May 30
Diamond Lake OR to Portland OR
Odometer Begin: 114,
Miles traveled: 200 ish
Time spent traveling: 5 hours
Wx: sunny low 80s F.
States traveled: OR

Up to Portland we went. Along the way we got the oil changed in Subie and also discovered that you cannot pump your own gas in Oregon, although they have pay-at-the-pump, which is kind of weird. Our friend Scott hooked us up for 2 nights in Portland with a really nice hotel. Thanks Scott! Portland is in the midst of the month long Rose Festival, Saturday’s night activity was the Starlight Parade. The parade can attract 500,000 people. We caught some of the parade, ate dinner and then saw some more. The floats and people are lit up!

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